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Yealthy is an international organisation focused on foster discoveries to enhance human potential.
Yealthy fosters collaboration between researchers from academia to industry.
Our Faculty has top professors and advisors from top Universities and companies. We have a scientific youth group lead by undergraduates, graduates and PhD students.
We aim to create a new measurement of wellbeing that isn't only the lack of illness but can also measure body optimisation parameters.
Yealthy is a center for exponential biomedical research. We aim to make discoveries that can impact billions of people by focusing on fields that can have a massive impact on the world in the next ten years. Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge, fundamental research for the benefit of all humankind without any discrimination. We carry our research and collaborate with others according to the highest scientific standards.
Yealthy Organises innovative educational courses to foster learning in on the edge disciplines. We think the best way to predict the future is by creating it yourself. We support people in making their future happen We support the teaching, learning, academic success, personal growth, and well-being of all students and researchers. We strive to be transparent, respectful, honest and foster trust to put our researchers and people success in a central place.
We aim to make biology like technology. We think that innovative solutions can foster our healthcare sector even further than it is today. We engage in creative risk-taking activities to build a dynamic organisation that can be compatible with our ecosystem's speed. We are committed to creating a flexible, transparent and open organisation to foster innovation.


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