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Service as consultant

We offer services to improve their business performance in operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. Our studies focus on the healthcare sector based on feasibility studies, attitude surveys, market surveys and cost studies.

Currently, we are

  • conducting research, surveys and interviews to gain an understanding of the business
  • developing and implementing new procedures or training
  • detecting issues and investigating ways to resolve them
  • assessing the advantages and disadvantages of possible strategies
  • making recommendations for improvement, using computer models

Speaking Engagement

Our faculty members have spoken to top conferences such as Campus Party and leading Universities in countries such as Italy, Austria, Mexico and Bolivia. We have discussed topics such as digital and exponential medicine, synthetic biology, and extending the DNA code thanks to quantum computers and many other topics. If you are a University, an organisation or a conference organiser, you can reach us out to engage with our speakers.

Our faculty members have delivered keynote presentations, facilitated boardroom meetings, leaded master classes, conducted workshops and seminars and delivered academic or informative lectures. Our focus is to share ideas that will drastically change how we see the world today.

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We always want to hear about new opportunities. We are looking for new partners. These could be on Consulting Opportunities, Speaking Engagement, Research Collaboration and much more!

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