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The gene SCN9A is responsible for human pain disorders. Nonsense (single base) mutations can cause a complete absence of pain. Thanks to two Mendelian mutations in exons 15 and 16, people lose the perception of pain. We are developing a new approach during treatments without medical drugs such as NSAIDs, Opioid drugs, Glucocorticoids, and Local anaesthesia.

Our approach focuses on editing the genome to minimise side effects during health treatments compared to other drugs. Our procedure aims to make patients temporally lose pain perception to heal faster and with a higher standard of life. Indeed, patients can be more optimistic without the perception of pain, reducing physiological stress factors that can influence her healing condition.

Virtual Lab

In partnership with Anaste, we have created the first entirely Virtual Lab blockchain-based worldwide in the field of Longevity. Thanks to synthetic biology, we plan to treat ageing as a disease with the possibility that older people can live a meaningful life without being dependent on others.

In this lab, we create points of contact, open discussion and events with the possibility to use exponential technology principles to make biological structures scale. We use virtual software that can work independently with the possibility to replicate some processes. Currently, we use some software such as Benchling, Benchsci, Decentraland, Matlab, Thinkercell, Rosetta Commons and others.

We aim to empower older people, thanks to technology

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